The firm

DDPV Law Firm was established by a group of colleagues, all of them with an important and solid professional experience and background – gained on national, international and academic levels – to create a new professional project. A project responding to today’s issues rising out of markets and economies belonging to a largely globalized system.

Through the integration of the specializations and experiences of its lawyers, DDPV is already a landmark for all clients’ needs, requiring quality, efficiency and speed in management decisions. Indeed, such integration of different specializations allows DDPV to provide its clients with high quality advice – passing through a single contact person – adjusting strict analysis methods and deep issue checks, with clear, full, timely information, also respectful of operational needs and decision-making.  As a result, DDPV while basing its qualification in the main areas of civil and corporate/commercial law, administrative/public law, competition and regulated markets – in such areas while also ensuring high quality judicial assistance in front of all jurisdictions (ordinary, special and administrative Courts, Supreme Courts included) – has also focused on innovative sectors such as Energy and regulated markets and Biotechnology.

The strong internationalist approach, characterizing the firm, derives from its partners’ strong experience also within leading international UK and US firms, which enables DDPV to assist clients in any jurisdiction (within or outside the EU), ensuring high quality professional legal assistance for every need, through the professional international network of the firm.


Practice areas